My Fave Author : Linda Howard

    Linda S. Howington born on August 3, 1950 in Alabama, United States. She is an American best-selling romance/suspense author under her pseudonym Linda Howard. Her first work was published by Silhouette in 1982. She is a charter member of Romance Writers of America, joining in 1981 shortly after it was formed. Her husband is a professional bass tournament fisherman, and she travels with him to some very unglamorous locations where she works on her laptop. Linda and her husband live in a big house on a farm in Alabama, where they raise cattle and have two dogs. Biography from Wikipedia

I’m big fan of Ms.Howard. Though I wouldn’t said that I loved all her books, some earlier works wasn’t as great as her newer works, but I almost read it all (I haven’t read 3 of her paranormal genre books). I didn’t remember exactly my first encounter with her’s but it was quite a long time ago, maybe since I was in high school. Some Howard books has been translated into my mother language, Indonesia, so she was quite popular here, and I already liked her works back then. Few months ago I’ve finished my Linda Howard Monthly Challenge. I read all her romance book – exclude the paranormal one – and I officially became her fan. I read her books randomly – it was hard to read her books based on publication order because some title was hard to find.

I started with her series, and then her single novels. From her series, MacKenzie Family and Blair Mallory are my favorite. Most people like her MacKenzie series – all of it have amazing story and wonderful character. An overachieving family members, loving parents, caring siblings, adorable grandchildren, and do not forget an alpha-male character (well, all Howard hero is an alpha). Blair Mallory series (To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous) had different narration, the books was told by first person POV, her heroine herself, and it was very funny and personable. However the story and suspense element not as great as her other books.

From her single novels, I found myself deeply adore Sam and Jaine from Mr. Perfect. I think it was by far the most popular (with 4.05 avg rating and 6,398 reader with 25 editions – Goodreads). With solid suspense and mystery also humorous romance of the H/h relationship, the book was amazing. Other books I liked the most is Cry No More . Like the title, I was crying read that one. It’s an intense, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, emotional roller coaster ride that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading it (I planned to put it in review – next post I hope). Another book that come under my fave shelves of Ms.Howard are Death Angel and Open Season. Death Angel pretty special to me because it was odd and bizarre (not in the ugly way) but definitely exceptional. Why odd? Unwritten law of romance is “good” H/h, but here you found the bad guy and the bad girl as hero and heroine. Ms. Howard write this one against romance norm and venture to the grey areas. While Open Season, though it had familiar premise and there was so much potential for stereotyping in this story, but Ms. Howard handled the story with charm and skill, making it delightful and gratifying to read. Open Season totally hilarious, made me grinning like a fool while reading it.

Linda Howard is an amazing writer. Her romantic suspense is different to many other authors’ work. It is slow-building, setting up characters and locations before the suspense plot arrives on the scene. She could engage reader emotionally and personally. Her books blend another sub-genres in the mix, weaved all of it together expertly. Nevertheless, there’s always up and down. Like I said, her earlier books isn’t as wonderful as I expected. Her three first books, All That Glitters (1982), An Independent Wife (1982), and Against the Rules (1983) almost turn into my DNF list. Her newer books (Burn – 2009, Ice – 2010, Veil of Night – 2010, Prey – 2011) also not as strong as she used to. From what I read in some forum, they said Ms.Howard was struggling with her health, that’s why her story quality lessened and she haven’t published any new book. I really hope Ms. Howard would be back with her fabulous writing skill and bring us an amazing book. Finger cross!!


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