The Billionaire Next Door : Easy Read With Brain

Take-no-prisoners deal-maker Sean O’Banyon ate Wall Street financiers for lunch. So why     was he losing sleep over a fresh-scrubbed nurse in old jeans and a too-big T-shirt? Maybe it    was those warm green eyes. Or the way she blushed when he got personal. There was no denying the serious chemistry between them. But sooner or later Lizzie would learn his deep, dark secrets: First, he had trust issues. And second–he’d rather not go into the whole “family” thing.

He didn’t “do” relationships…but amazingly, Lizzie made him want one anyway




My Review :

When I knew that J.R. Ward had published novels under pseudonym Jessica Bird, I was curious of how she execute it.  Will  Jessica Bird  execute her books in different style?

This is an easy and quick to read but still had a depth story and emotion. Just as I expected from JR Ward, though I quite wary to started it because I was so attached with her BDB series.

Liked other hero in her books,  Sean was tortured soul. Came from abusive family he became a man who couldn’t trust anyone except her brothers. The heroine, Lizzie, was a strong, kind, and compassionate woman. Their relationship faced lot of major bumps, mostly due to Sean emotional hang-ups and lack of trust.

I liked this book, made me emotionally involved. Their story believable, though I wished more in the groveling scene. After huge misunderstanding and cruel accusation, I think the heroine too easily forgive the hero. She was just too nice. Another interesting part was this book mentioned Butch O’Neal from BDB series (though very briefly).

Jessica Bird’s book was lighter than Ward’s.  The storyline much simpler and more straightforward.  But overall this book was a wonderful one. An easy read but definitely not a brainless one.  4 ++ stars!!

“I’ll do anything to have you in my life. I’m that desperate. I’m that needy for you.”


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