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As commander of the nation’s most elite FBI counterterrorism unit, agent Max Bhagat leads by hard-driving example: pushing himself to the limit and beyond, taking no excuses, and putting absolutely nothing ahead of his work. That includes his deep feelings for Gina Vitagliano, the woman who won his admiration and his heart with her courage under fire. But when the shocking news reaches him that Gina has been killed in a terrorist bombing, nothing can keep Max from making a full investigation–and retribution–his top priority.

At the scene of the attack, however, Max gets an even bigger shock. Gina is still very much alive–but facing a fate even worse than death. Along with Molly Anderson, a fellow overseas relief worker, Gina has fallen into the hands of a killer who is bent on using both women to bait a deadly trap. His quarry? Grady Morant, a.k.a “Jones,” a notorious ex-Special Forces operative turned smuggler who made some very deadly enemies in the jungles of Southeast Asia . . . and has been running ever since. But with Molly’s life on the line, Jones is willing to forfeit his own to save the woman he loves.

My Review :

Breaking Point is the ninth book of Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series. I wouldn’t said this is a stand alone book, because you won’t get the emotional investment if you didn’t read the series in order. However, you still could keep up with the story and understand the storyline – Brockmann did a very good job explaining the sum of the relationship between the hero, Max Bhagat, and the heroine, Gina Vitagliano, to the reader.

Max and Gina are my fave couple. Since I read Over The Edge (Troubleshooters #3), I was hooked with their story. I really curious how Brockmann gonna put the two together. We get some snippet about two of them in the next book (via conversation) and in Gone Too Far (Troubleshooters #6) they exploded (geez finally), though the couple was still far away from their HEA.

At last in Breaking Point their long struggling suffering story find it’s way. This book gives amazing resolve to the long suffering romance between Gina and Max. With their numerous issues – Gina baggages as rape victim, Max pent-up feeling, his guilt and anger toward Gina’s tragedy, and their 20 years age difference – they very much deserved an amazing HEA.  We could see the depth of Max feeling toward Gina here, how much he cared for her (OMG, the morgue scene was pretty much sums up his feeling). Unfortunately the secondary character takes too much space, I wanted more of Gina and Max (I waited 6 books only for them!!!!).

Though this book is one of my fave, but I wouldn’t give this book a solid 5 stars. Basically the book have 5 main character. Gina and Max as the H/h, Molly and Jones as the so called secondary couple, and Jules.  The book give each one of them a very big portion, and like I said I wanted more of the H/h. Max and Gina scene as couple wasn’t enough too satisfied me after I waited for song long to read their story.  The suspense wasn’t believable (maybe because I’m Indonesia citizen and the book used my country as the background story –  in my opinion the action and military scene was over the top).  When you waited for the couple thru 6 books (equally years), you will expecting a mind blowing story.  Yes, the story was wonderful. But this book wasn’t mind blowing.

I read this book 4 times, no doubt this is my most frequently book I’ve ever read.

“Any other woman in the world, I could walk away from. But not you”

“Life had indeed happened to Max, and her name was Gina.”


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