More Than Erotica (Romance)

Title : Seven Day Loan

Author : Tffany Reisz

Published : November 2010

Format : e-book (35 pages, short story)

Summary :

A trained submissive, Eleanor will do whatever her master commands…even spend a week with a stranger. Daniel has been a recluse since his wife’s death, and Eleanor’s lover thinks spending time with her will be therapeutic–especially since Daniel is also a Dom.

Despite her defiant streak, Eleanor can’t resist giving in to Daniel’s erotic demands. But while she’ll let him have her body, she’s determined to keep a guard around her heart. Even if Daniel wants to make Eleanor his permanently….


Review :

5 stars

Wow. Amazed at myself that I gave 5 star for this great short novella.

I got this book courtesy of netgalley, and I was glad when GR friend mentioned this author, because now I am in like with the characters.

Meet Nora, the submissive whom being lent out by her master to Daniel, a widower whose still grieving from his wife death and trying to back out in the world after being hermit for more than 3 years. This is a story about Nora and Daniel. Their sweet little heaven of 7 days time.

My impression when I read the first page : what the hell?
half the story : oh so sweet
end of story : what the hell?

I didn’t particularly like BDSM theme. But, the story is more than just kinky sex and bdsm lifestyle. It was more than erotica romance (I was seriously doubt to called it romance – it was more like erotica literature). No HEA – which was the law of romancelandia, except you read the extra story about Daniel (again, I wasn’t comfortable to called Daniel as the Hero)  in the author blog.

This is remarkable storytelling. The bdsm theme wasn’t something deliberately exploited. Somehow it didn’t disgusted me at all, in fact I found a beauty in it (which was confusing me). Well, it’s hard to describe this one, just let me tell you : it was simply a great short story.



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