Friday’s Recommendation #4

Happy Friday Ladies…..

Yay, like usual, every Friday I’m gonna pick a book for Friday’s Recommendation, a Meme held by Ren’s Little Corner. It was hard to decide which book, ‘coz this past days I fully engage with Kristen Ashley’s books. So I decide to introduce you to one of my favorite author : Lisa Marie Rice.

Dangerous Lover (Dangerous #1)

Genre : Romantic Suspense/Erotica Romance

“I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

Caroline Lake can hardly believe she would ever say these words to someone she’d never met before. When a tall, dark stranger arrives wanting to rent a room in her beautiful empty shell of a mansion, she hesitates. Though she is in dire financial straits, the man looks dangerous–dangerously sexy. She’s overwhelmed by the desire he sparks in her–hotter than anything she’s ever felt before, making her ache to experience his sensuous touch. But who is this armed and mysterious man with danger following in his wake? He’s not who she thinks he is . . .

Jack Prescott has wanted Caroline forever. He has spent the past twelve years dreaming of her, desiring her, while fighting in some of the worst hellholes on earth. Now he’s back, with twenty million dollars in blood diamonds and a relentless enemy stalking him. But this time Jack’s determined that nothing will stop him from finally making Caroline his.

I love Lisa Marie Rice books. I read all her works (she also had pseudonym Elizaebth Jenkins). Mostly her book only got 4 stars for me, they weren’t my favorite, but the author does. LMR books are my guilty pleasure and comfort reads. I like how he wrapped the story, balance between the suspense and erotica romance. And I most definitely love her heroes. The possessive and overprotective alpha male. The hot, sexy, gorgeous, handsome, over the top hero. So, yeah, I read them for the heroes.

Dangerous Lover is the first book of Dangerous series (contain 3 books, and 2 short stories). Like the title, the heroes in this series not your average man. Simply put : dangerous. And they always fall hard with the heroine.

This was a very enjoyable romantic suspense. Both the hero, Jack, and the heroine, Caroline, were great characters. Their story was hot, sexy and emotional. Well, maybe Jack little bit obsessive with Caroline and borderline with stalking behavior (though in my opinion it was sweet of him) , but hey, it was romancelandia (gotta be freaking meout to face the real one in the real life). I love how Jack treats Caroline with tenderness and genuine affection.

Overall it was nicely written, easy and fun to read. Again, coz it’s erotica romance so it wasn’t for all of you. I recommended it for you to read (not to be published). And if you like a scorching read heavy with bedroom love, including the stark emotions of a man has for his woman, LMR is your choice.

At that moment, Jack realized, with a sense of truth that went deep as bone, strong as blood, that
Caroline held his heart forever, and that his mission in life was to keep her safe and happy, bring a smile
to her face and the rose blush back to her cheeks


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