Hot Reads

Hot Reads is a Monthly Meme, hosted by Book Savvy Babe and Alive on the Shelves, where we get to share our hottest read of the month!  Your choice can be any book, it doesn’t matter the genre, the length, whether it’s new or old.  If you read it during the month, and it raised your temperature, it qualifies to be a HOT READ!  To make things as simple as possible, Hot Reads will take place the 28th day of the month.  So every month, be ready to share your HOT READ pick!

IMPORTANT: Due to content, this meme is open to participants 18 and older ONLY!

How To Participate:

  • Pick your HOT READ of the month (ex. on September 28, you pick your HOT READ for the month of September)
  • Make a blog post sharing your Hot Read pick.  Include in the post: book title, author, HOT READ button, and links to the hosts.  If you would like to include book teasers, book review, etc feel free!
  • Add the link to your post in the linky  at a host site and visit the other blogs to see what others chose as their HOT READ! (click the picture above)

So…my October Hot Reads are (yeah, plural sista)… *drum roll please*

Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) I’ve just finished Knight (Unfinished Hero #1) by Kristen Ashley few days ago though I put it in my bookshelves for a long time.  I pick it up because I read the second installment of the series, Creed, first (Yeah I’m not really an orderly reader). Were those books hot? Holly molly, they were scorching hot!!! Yowza…..!!!! Definitely hot because it’s erotica romance, with very little BDSM here and there (not the hardcore one). You could read my review of Creed here. But unfortunately I haven’t had aCreed (Unfinished Hero, #2) chance to write a review for Knight. So, just let me put my rambling thoughts about Knight.

I gave it 3,5 stars/5 stars. It wasn’t meant I didn’t , oh boy I do like it A LOT. But sadly there’s lot of issue in the books that getting me in a creep way and just didn’t bode well for me. But for the romance and hotness between the hero and the heroine, geez 6 +++++ stars!!! For people out there who love Kristen Ashley, I knew you got me.

Next : I also recently read Midnight Encounters by Elle Kennedy. I read this one without any expectation whatsoever (Just looking for a quick and nice erotica romance), but wow, I was surprisingly loved it. I really enjoyed this hot little romance between a bad boy Hollywood movie star and the sassy, work-a-holic New York waitress/ social worker-in-training who rocks his world. It was hilarious, hot, but also sweet. Midnight EncountersAnd the most important thing was the good storyline. Yeah, I got more than I bargained for.

Last, I just finished read (just two hours ago) Savage Nature (Leopard People #5) by Christine Feehan. And like always, CF deliver a great story with quite steamy scenes. I always love her works, and off course this one definitely a hot read. Though I haven’t read the previous books in Savage Nature (Leopard People, #5)the series, but it could read as stand alone book. Savage Nature is one of those books that has it all – a hot paranormal romance mixed with a very good suspense.

Knight teaser:

“Move away,” I whispered mainly because I couldn’t make my voice get louder.
“No,” he whispered back.
Then his hands came up toward my face and I flinched, preparing for anything but they settled cupping my jaws and my squinted eyes opened wide. This was because his touch was gentle and, even freaked out, it could not be denied it was sweet.
And his face was different. Not expressionless. As those vibrant blue eyes moved over my face, there was something working at the backs of them, something I didn’t know him enough to get but something that I knew instinctively boded bad things for me.
“Wars fought over a face like this,” he murmured like he was talking to himself, my heart stopped beating and his thumbs moved lightly across my cheeks. “A man would work himself into the ground for it, go down to his knees to beg to keep it, endure torture to protect it, take a bullet for it,” his eyes came to mine, “poison his brother to possess a face like this.”
“Knight,” I breathed.
“You are not walkin’ away from me.”

Midnight Encounters teaser :

“What is the matter with you?” Ben sounded out of breath and annoyed as he marched into her
bedroom a moment later wearing nothing but a towel.
She tightened the sash of her robe and crossed her arms over the thick terrycloth. “Nothing is the
“So you always sprint out of a room after sex?”
“We didn’t have sex.”
Laughter spurted from his throat. “We came pretty damn close. In fact, we came pretty damn fast.”
Her cheeks burned. “But we didn’t cross the line.”
A shadow floated across his face. “I wasn’t even aware there was a line.”
“Well, there is.”

Well, what’s your Hot Reads this October?


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