Friday’s Recommendation #5

Happy Friday Romancelanders….

Yay, like usual, every Friday I’m gonna pick a book for Friday’s Recommendation, a Meme held by Ren’s Little Corner. I would love to recommended a book from one of my favorite paranormal romance author, Christine Feehan.

Shadow Game (GhostWalkers, #1)

Shadow Game (GhostWalkers #1)

By : Christine Feehan

The classified experiment is the brainchild of renowned scientist Peter Whitney and his brilliant daughter, Lily. Created to enhance the psychic abilities of an elite squadron, it can transform their natural mental powers into a unique military weapon. But something goes wrong. In the isolated underground labs, the men have been dying-victims of bizarre accidents. Captain Ryland Miller knows he is next. When Dr. Whitney himself is murdered, Ryland has only one person left to trust: the beautiful Lily. Possessed of an uncanny sixth sense herself, Lily shares Ryland’s every new fear, every betrayal, every growing suspicion, and every passionate beat of the heart. Together, they will be drawn deeper into the labyrinth of her father’s past and closer to a secret that someone would kill to keep hidden.

I love Christine Feehan, she’s a great writer who create amazing imaginary world of paranormal realm. This series – The GhostWalkers – not as famous as her Dark series, but I prefer this one because this series fall under science fiction genre. Yup, this paranormal romance book, also have science theme, with great suspense and off course enough sensuality to make you squirm in your seat 😀

Ryland….He is my perfect hero: alpha man, with protective streak but not too overbearing, and not afraid to love the heroine. Once he find the right woman, there’s no turning back. Simply droolworthy.

The plot was one reason I love this book. The science background make it close to reality. I loved all the scientific “mumbo jumbo” even though I couldn’t understand all of it. The suspense/action elements are easily as strong as the romance, and it satisfied me fully.

Christine Feehan books definitely weren’t a quick read.  It was little a little slow in the beginning, she tend to dragged the reader by her very descriptive words. But it could immerse me deep in the story. 


Thursday I’m In Love

Hi Romancelanders, this post is my first attempt to create my own meme. Coz it’s only a trial so let’s just have fun. Thursday I’m In Love is about sharing book character your in love with. It’s not supposed limited only for the hero or heroine but you could choose the secondary character, even animal character. Also explain why you pick her/him. Don’t forget to mention the title and the author.

So, who’s I’m in love with?

*drum roll please……

Who is Braden? For those who claim as romance bookworm I guess you know who he is. Yup dear, Braden is hero from infamous Samantha Young debut adult novel’s On Dublin Street. A 30 years old Scottish business man whose described as an handsome, hot and sexy – simply a man to die for. Why I l choose him ?  I just finished reading the book this morning, so I still clouded by the emotion I got from the story and also his image freshly burn in my brain. He’s the type of hero I adored : an alpha male. I love how fiercely he fight to win the heroine. How he convincing her that their right for each other and to take a chance for love.  Here’s the picture of  how I imagine Braden looks like :

David Gandy

Source : Listal

On Dublin Street

Jocelyn Butler has been hiding from her past for years. But all her secrets are about to be laid bare…
Four years ago, Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments. Her solitary life is working well—until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street where she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core.

Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants, and he’s determined to get Jocelyn into his bed. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached.

But after an intrigued Jocelyn accepts, she realizes that Braden won’t be satisfied with just mind-blowing passion. The stubborn Scotsman is intent on truly knowing her… down to the very soul.

So my fellow resident of Romancelandia, who is the character you’re in love with?

Waiting on Wednesday #4

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

Here’s the book I eagerly waiting :

Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor, #4)
Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor #4)

By : Lisa Kleypas

When Justine Hoffman was born her mother cast a spell to protect her from heartbreak, and as a result, she is incapable of falling in love. Eventually Justine’s irrepressible curiosity —and her wish to lead a normal life —get the better of her, and she finds a way to temporarily block the enchantment.

However, when Justine meets the mysterious Jason Black, she accidentally unleashes a storm of desire and danger that will threaten everything she holds dear . . . and together Justine and Jason discover that love is the most powerful magic of all.

Breeds Series By Lora Leigh

Have you heard Lora Leigh? Then you must’ve known The Breed series. One of  the most longest series in paranormal world (or I should categorized it as erotica paranormal romance).  I accidentally read the first book – got the e-book from friend without any idea who Lora Leigh was.  Honestly I wasn’t really enjoyed the book then, it was my early encounter with erotica romance, so the explicit words and sensuality kind of freaking me of. But I captivated with some of the characters and the plot line. I picked the third book and the 16th book as soon as I finished  – those were the books where the intriguing characters  story written.  Months later, after I finally enjoyed myself in erotica romance world I picked up the series  again. And I tumble myself all over the books (21 books) in 3 weeks. Funny things is the series are not overly great, averagely I only gave 3 stars, but the storyline in the whole totally piqued my interest.

The story is about the breeds, genetically alter creation of animal and human, whose after years treated as violently research object finally made a massive escape and got themselves into hiding. The first book started when the leader from one of the breed type, feline breed (genetically mixed between cat and human) met his “mate” . His mate and her family helped him and his family to reveal the ruthless  of their creator to the public after year of secrecy.  Thorough the books we follow the breeds journey as they fighting their freedom, their right, and their survival as the mystery of their ability and the mating heat which is the focal point of the series. The story itself in each books basically the same.  A breed met with theirs mate. Falling in love/lust. Struggling themself in “mating heat”.  Sex scene all over.

The interesting part of the series is the continuation from the first book to the last installment. To really enjoyed and involve with the whole package reader should read the books from the first book until the last in the right order. Definitely not a stand alone books. If you read Dark Hunter series by Sherrylin Kenyon, then you knew what I’m talking about. Also, like Dark Hunter with it’s Acheron, than The Breed series also have it’s focal character, Jonas. There’s always mystery left behind in the end of the books, and the part of it is Jonas, who is showed almost most of the books.

You’re a fan of paranormal world? Erotica romance? Suspense and mystery also thriller? Gorgeous to die for hero ? Hot and steamy scene?  Pick the first book and enjoy the ride.

Here’s the list :

  1. Tempting the Beast
  2. The Man Within
  3. Elizabeth’s Wolf
  4. Kiss of Heat
  5. Soul Deep
  6. The Breed Next Door
  7. Megan’s Mark
  8. Harmony’s Way
  9. Tanner’s Scheme
  10. Wolf’s Hope
  11. Jacob’s Faith
  12. Aiden’s Charity
  13. In a Wolf’s Embrace
  14. Dawn’s Awakening
  15. A Jaguar’s Kiss
  16. Mercury’s War
  17. Christmas Heat
  18. Coyote’s Mate
  19. Bengal’s Heart
  20. A Christmas Kiss
  21. Lion’s Heat
  22. Styx’s Storm
  23. Primal Kiss
  24. Navarro’s Promise
  25. An Inconvenient Mate
  26. Lawe’s Justice
  27. Stygian’s Honor

Tempting the Beast (Breeds,...The Man Within (Breeds, #2;...Elizabeth's Wolf (Breeds, #3)Kiss of Heat (Breeds, #4; F...Soul Deep (Breeds, #5)Hot Spell (Includes: Demon ...The Breed Next Door (Breeds...Megan's Mark (Breeds, #7)Harmony's Way (Breeds, #8) Tanner's Scheme (Breeds, #9) Primal Heat (Includes: Bree... Wolfe's Hope (Breeds,  #10) Jacob's Faith (Breeds, #11) Aiden's Charity (Breeds, #12) Beyond the Dark (Includes: ... Dawn's Awakening (Breeds, #14) Shifter (Includes: Warriors... Mercury's War (Breeds, #16) The Magical Christmas Cat (... Coyote's Mate (Breeds, #18) Hot for the Holidays (inclu... Bengal's Heart (Breeds, #20) Lion's Heat (Breeds, #21) Styx's Storm (Breeds, #22) Primal (Includes: Breeds, #... Navarro's Promise (Breeds, ... Tied with a Bow (Includes: ... Lawe's Justice (Breeds, #26) Stygian's Honor (Breeds, #27)

Teaser Tuesday #4

Hi fellas, welcome to another Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.  This meme is  very simple and fun.

Here are the rules:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share 2 “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the TITLE and AUTHOR too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teaser

My Teaser :

Currently I reading 3 books. One book in my purse for killing time while I’m going outside, one book in my nightstand – quick read before getting ready for sleep, and last an e-book which was my priority.

Taming the Fire (ACRO, #4)

Taming The Fire (ACRO #4)

By : Sydney Croft

Her voice shook when she asked, “Why do you care so much?”
He could spill his guts, tell her how she’d touched him—helped him. Instead, he said, “It’s my job.” (pg. 153)

I read this e-book ‘coz it’s part of paranormal romance series. After finished reading Lora Leigh’s The Breeds series I was looking for another series with almost the same atmosphere. Admittedly this  ACRO series by Sydney Croft was not that amazing like another PNR like JR Ward’s BDB series or Kresley Cole’s IAD series, but it was totally enjoyable. I was hooked when I read the first book last week and immediately looking for the next installment. One thing I love from this series is the thread of characters thorough the entire series. There are 2 most important couples along the series (whose don’t get their own book). So you must read from the first book until the last to find their story and the HEA. And also every hero and heroine from previous story always turn up in the next book. If you like paranormal romance with serious hotness level – in simple word : erotica romance genre – you could pick this one.

Another two books in my currently reading list are :

Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, #2)

Notorious Pleasure (Maiden Lane #2)

By Elizabeth Hoyt

The silence was so complete that she thought for a moment that he was holding his breath. She opened her eyes to find him watching her,  his elbows propped on his knees, his green eyes still but with an expression in their depths that made her catch her breath. (pg 134)

Season for Surrender (Seasons, #2)

Season for Surrender (Season #2)

By :  Theresa Romain

Jane rolled her eyes and continued to mouth words as she acted out her bath. If he was reading her lips alright, she had an impressive vocabulary of swear words. (pg. 96)

Wishful Wednesday #2

Hai hai BookLovers, hari ini karena lagi males mikir so ikutan meme yang diselenggarakan sama blog Books To Share. Yang spesial dari meme kali ini adalah plus giveaway. Terus meme kali ini juga sekalian merayakan ultahnya yang mpunya blog, mbak Astrid, yang ultah ntar tanggal 23 Desember. So, ini rules-nya :

1.Buat posting Wishful Wednesday di blog-mu. Jangan lupa cantumkan button Wishful Wednesday dalam postinganmu . Posting diterbitkan di blog masing-masing hari Rabu, 21 November 2012.

2. Isi postingan adalah tentang buku yang sedang menjadi wish-mu saat ini (dibatasi satu buku saja), beserta alasan kenapa kamu ngebet banget pengen punya buku tersebut. Tampilkan juga gambar cover buku incaranmu.

3. Syarat buku inceran:  Buku boleh berbahasa Indonesia maupun Inggris, tapi harga  maksimalnya adalah IDR 100,000 atau USD 10.

4.Kamu wajib memasukkan link postinganmu ke Mr.Linky yang ada di blog penyelenggara giveaway, Books To Share

5. Giveaway ini hanya diadakan dalam SATU HARI saja, yaitu Rabu, 21 November 2012.


Setelah menimbang, mikir jungkir balik, mantengin to-read list, maka dengan berat hati (soalnya cuma boleh milih satu buku) saya memutuskan untuk memilih buku ini :

The Prince (The Original Sinners, #3)

The Prince (The Original Sinners #3)

By : Tiffany Reisz

Book Depository


Book Description :

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…preferably in bed. That’s always been Kingsley Edge’s strategy with his associate, the notorious New York dominatrix Nora Sutherlin. But with Nora away in Kentucky, now it’s Kingsley’s chance to take her place at the feet of the only man he’s ever wanted — Søren, Nora’s on-again, off-again lover — until a new threat from an old enemy forces him to confront his past.

Wes Railey is still the object of Nora’s tamest yet most maddening fantasies, and the one man she can’t forget. He’s young. He’s wonderful. He’s also thoroughbred royalty and she’s in “his” world now. But Nora is no simpering Southern belle, and her dream of fitting into Wesley’s world is perpetually at odds with her dear Søren’s relentlessly seductive pull.

Two worlds of wealth and passion call to her and whichever one Nora chooses, it will be the hardest decision she will ever have to make… unless someone makes it for her.

Why this book?

First reason : Request saya di netgalley untuk dapet ARC buku ini tidak diapprove

Second reason : Dengan tema BDSM (hardcore pula), Reisz membuat saya yang bukan penggemar tema tersebut terpesona… tercengang… speechless… Tokoh-tokohnya luar biasa – in a weird way. The storyline disturbingly amazing.

Buku ini dirilis 20 November kemarin, dan setelah baca review2 yang beredar di GR makin bikin penasaran. Tapi sungguh, segila apapun sukanya aku sama buku ini, this book not for everyone, not for the faint of heart. Mohon wahai kalian yang belum 21 tahun (mau nulis 18 tapi content-nya parah) jangan tengok buku ini. Buku 50 shades berasa normal disandingkan dengan buku ini.

Happy Wednesday and Happy Reading!!!

Waiting on Wednesday #3

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

Here’s the book I eagerly waiting :

Shades of Gray (KGI, #6)

Shades of Gray (KGI #6)

By : Maya Banks

Publication Date : December 31, 2012

P.J. and Cole were sharpshooting rivals on the same KGI team and enjoyed a spirited, uncomplicated camaraderie. Until the night they gave in to their desires and suddenly took their relationship one step further. In the aftermath of their one night stand, they’re called up on a mission that goes terribly wrong, and P.J. walks away from KGI, determined not to drag her teammates into the murky shadows she’s poised to delve into.

Six months later, Cole hasn’t given up his search for P.J., and he’s determined to bring her back home where she belongs. Bent on vengeance, P.J. is on a mission that will plunge her into a serpentine game of payback and make her question everything she’s ever believed in. Cole—and the rest of their team—refuse to let her go it alone. Even if it means sacrificing their loyalty to KGI and their very lives.

I’m a fan of KGI series. Can’t wait to read this book. Totally curious of PJ’s story, the only woman in KGI team. I hope to catch a glimpse of Ethan and Rachel – my favorite couple in this series.

Well, how about you, what’s your WoW for this week?