Wyoming Fierce by Diana Palmer

Wyoming Fierce

Ranch owner Cane Kirk lost more than his arm in the war. He lost his way, battling his inner demons by challenging any cowboy unfortunate enough to get in his way. No one seems to be able to cool him down, except beautiful Bodie Mays. Bodie doesn’t mind saving Cane from himself, even if he is a little too tempting for her own peace of mind.But soon Bodie’s the one who finds herself in need of rescuing—only, she’s afraid to tell Cane what’s really going on. How can she trust someone as unpredictable as this fierce cowboy? When her silence only ends up getting her into even deeper hot water, it’s up to Cane to save the day. And if he does it right, he won’t be riding off into the sunset alone.

Review :

I read lots of Diana Palmer’s books but it’s been awhile since I picked her work. I used to like her books, nice story, great writing, and quite sensual. Must said, this book left me speechless, and not in a good way. I wanted to shake the heroine and strangle the hero. That bad.

Honestly I liked my contemporary with little spice of suspense. Danger gave the story into the new level and heighten the emotion. This book pure contemporary. But I read it with high expectation, well you wouldn’t questioned Diana Palmer for sure.

So, why I hate the hero, Cane, and the heroine, Bodie (yes, I hate them). I couldn’t stand the meek and mild heroine, totally resent the type. I liked them sassy, smart, and not pushover. At first I quite like Bodie. She seems like a smart one – hey I loved the fact that she was into anthropology – and also a caring one. Yes, she was a caring person, too caring, too nice, too kind, too forgiving. No self preservation at all. I couldn’t wrap my head on how she let herself get bullied by Cane. Okay, she barely left her teenage world and Cane way way olde than she was. But to let yourself more than once hurt by someone. No way.

And Cane. OMG. He was seriously got himself new level of jerk-ness. I loved tortured hero, and it’s okay when he had his jerk moment. But when the moment was plural and he was doing the as*ho*e moments over and over again. It was seriously getting on my nerve. But the most hateful moment was when he’s laughing and kissing another woman in his wedding day while Bodie waiting for him – arrggh totally unforgivable. I expect him to crawling when he seek Bodie. I wish for grand grovelling scene. But. Meh. None. Suddenly they got their HEA. I wanted to throw my laptop when I read the scene.

But again it must been said that talk about the writing skill, this book had it well. The storyline was great and I also loved the fact that Kirk family was the knit close one.
2.5 stars/5 stars


One thought on “Wyoming Fierce by Diana Palmer

  1. Well I a spanish girl so I expect to write well…I totally agree with you…and It is exactly what i feel with diana palmer in a lot of her books, like you , I enjoy those jerk moments but always feel disapointed about how easily heroines forgive them..but always I hope that maybe in the next book …the he is going to suffer for real

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