Mackenzie’s Mission by Linda Howard

Mackenzie's Mission (Mackenzie Family, #2)


Night Wing–the revolutionary test plane with a top secret weapons system–was Colonel Joe “Breed” Mackenzie’s number-one priority. And weapons expert Caroline Evans was his number-one distraction. True, the stubborn blonde was giving him the cold shoulder, but Joe hadn’t become the best of the best by giving up. Then he discovered someone on the inside was sabotaging Night Wing, and with her late hours and specialized expertise, Caroline seemed the obvious choice. Now Joe had to choose between allegiance to his country and love for his prime suspect…

Review :

4.5 starts/5stars

Meet again with the amazing Joe Mackenzie. This book happen about 19 years after Wolf’s story (click here for the review). Joe with his magnificent ability become a colonel in the Air Force in his relatively young age, 35.  Known for his rigid control and coolness, Joe – nickname Breed – was the best fighter pilot in the force.

The story started when Joe manage his own project, a new jet with super ability. One of the civilian scientist of his team was sick and his place replace by twenty-eight years old brilliant physics Caroline Evans. She was extremely genius but lack in social skill, specially about relationship with a man. In their first meeting, Caroline treated Joe like she didn’t favor him at all. As a virgin (again the heroine was an untouchable woman – with no idea about physical touch) and a very honest to God person – seriously very very straightforward – she was a fresh wind for Joe who used treated by Woman whose always bend to his will.

To protect Caroline from unwanted male interest and avoid workplace conflict, Joe suggest the two of them in false relationship. Joe also knew about her lack sexual experience, though at first it was just a guess. Felt cornered, Caroline agree with him. In the same day Joe showed up at night in her quarter to get her to dinner and the impromptu date ended with surprisingly kiss. The kiss awakened Caroline of her attraction to Joe, almost falling in love with him actually.

The next day, Caoline with her straightforward attitude confront Joe about her feeling. She admit that she felt attracted to him and wishing their false relationship become the real one. And Joe, who has taken interest of her since the first meeting, very much ordered her to date with him. Because her lack of sexual experience Joe didn’t get them straight tumble into the sheet, though Caroline more than willing (but IMO their relationship pretty much fast track). Joe planned the deed to happen at the weekend in hotel – and it made Caroline totally frustrated and got them into argument, which shake his famously tight control.

Before the weekend Caroline miss her ID, and thankfully one of her colleague help her to find it. But this event will cause her big trouble – yeah sorry for the spoiler ladies..

In the weekend Joe and Caroline went to the hotel in Las Vegas and their sexual marathon begun (seriously, Joe was like energizer bunny, LOL). She was a match for his voracious appetite and Caroline was already admit to herself that she was in love with Joe. When they were back to the base after their romantic gateway, awkwardness happen and their left to their own quarter without even goodbye kiss.

The next morning, accident happen to one of the pilot when the team tested the plane, it was the second incident after Caroline arrived to their team. On of the military personnel found that Caroline for two days straight came at the facility from midnight till dawn. It made her accused sabotaging the plane, a crime which could made her a treason. Felt betrayed, Joe didn’t even consider her the benefit of the doubt, and Caroline was devastated that he was so easily accused her after what happens between them. She found that her naivete made her a fool, to assume that Joe was care for her. She finally get that for Joe, their sexual encounter was just simply sex without any emotional attachment.

So, who was the real culprit? How Joe and Caroline relationship survive this incident?

Let’s talk about the story. I loved it!!!!! Yup. It was great story with wonderful plot. Though the timeline was too fast. The story packed in matter of days. The suspense again not really dominate the story, but I was satisfied by it. Writing skill? Never doubt LH for delivered great books.

The romance also more than great. I love how Joe and Caroline interact. Their banter was enjoyable. But again I was doubtful of their instant love. Okay I believe in their instant attraction, but love? Not really believable. Still sweet and nice though. The most amazing thing was their physical relationship. OMG, off the chart hot. And when Joe lost his control…WOW ; ‘nough said. Bow to you LH for made the scene awfully good. I loved LH’s sex scenes, it was hot but not overly explicit thus it felt very sweet. Not erotic at all but totally romantic. I admit I melted of how LH’s hero treat the heroine.

The characters were superb. I didn’t have to explain again how wonderful Joe was. And I fall all over again when Joe told Caroline of his past, which no one else knew, not even his father. No spoiler here J. He was simply amazing hero, though when he doubt Caroline was quite irritating. Caroline Evans  was one my favorite heroine. I totally got her. Her sassy-ness, straightforwardness, and braveness just amazing. I liked heroine who could say “It’s not okay” rather than always please her hero and say “It’s okay”. I was cheering for how she treats Joe after the incident. When she kicks Joe I was saying to myself : Yeah, you go girl. Adore her very much. The secondary characters also quite wonderful. They support the story to the fullest.

Overall this book was must to read for LH junkie and romance addict. One of LH’s great books.



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