Mackenzie’s Mountain by Linda Howard

Mackenzie's Mountain (Mackenzie Family, #1)

A small Wyoming town is about to learn a few lessons from a new schoolteacher with the courage to win the heart of a man who swore he had nothing to give….

Mary Elizabeth Potter is a self-appointed spinster with no illusions about love. But she is a good teacher and she wants Wolf Mackenzie s son back in school. And after one heated confrontation with the boy s father, she knows father and son have changed her life forever.

Still paying for a crime he didn t commit, Wolf Mackenzie has a chip on his shoulder the size of Wyoming. But prim-and-proper Mary Elizabeth Potter doesn’t see Wolf as the dangerous half-breed the town has branded him. Somehow she sees him as a good, decent, honest man. A man who could love…

Wolf s not sure he or the town of Ruth, Wyoming is ready for the taming of Wolf Mackenzie

Review :

4 stars/5stars

This weekend I re-read Linda Howard’s Mackenzie series. I loved the series so much. This book written when LH created the best of her works. Sadly this series never translated in my country – very much hope will be.

There’s 5 books in the series:

  1. Mackenzie’s Mountain (Wolf and Mary – the father)
  2. Mackenzie’s Mission (Joe and Caroline – first son) – click here for review
  3. Mackenzie’s Pleasure (Zane and Barrie – 4th son)
  4. Mackenzie’s Magic (Maris and Alex– only daughter, the youngest)
  5. A Game Of Chance (Chance and Sunny – 5th son, adopted.)

Where’s the story of the 2nd and 3rd son? Yeah unfortunately LH didn’t created the story for them – I wonder why, it seems not fair for them… Well…

In Mackenzie’s Mountain, Mary Elizabeth – the new teacher in Ruth, Wyoming, a petite woman with dowdy clothes but fierce character, drove in the heavy snow to the Mackenzie place to talk to Joe Mackenzie because he was drop out of school. Joe, a 16 year old teenage boy, with old soul and very mature person despite his young age decide to stop go to school because he finds that nothing in there. As half breed – half native American – he very much an outcast. People didn’t treat him well despite his intelligence (he was the top of his class). Halfway to the mountain Mary’s car broke and she was saved by Joe’s  father, Wolf Mackenzie. Wolf, a half Native American and half Celtic, a warrior born and breed, an ex-military with ‘Nam background, and had served 2 years in prison for crime he didn’t do. A bitter person, treated like garbage just because his heritage.

Mary and Wolf attracted with each other, but he wouldn’t pursued her because of his past and his blood would cause harm to her. As an old maid (Mary’s words, not mine) and a  virgin, Mary experience her first sensual interest and despite all the risk she decide that Wolf worth it. But Wolf always keep Mary at arms length, though he was sexually frustrated of her.

Joe had a dream to fly, and together he and Mary focused to achieved the goal : Air Force Academy. She started private teaching for Joe each night and this caused some problem. Gossip brewing that their having “relationship”. Enrage with the accusation she stand for herself in board meeting and for the result people started to admired Joe for his achievement though some people also beginning their hatred into higher level.

Tragedy happen when a young girl raped and again without any evidence Wolf was accused. Thankfully this time someone stand for his alibi. The second attack, Mary become the victim, but fortunately she wasn’t raped, helped by the police officer. This events brought Wolf’s rage to surface because someone dared to harm his woman (though at that time she wasn’t). Also the tragedy brought Mary and Wolf finally getting together. And begun his pursued of the villain.

The story was wonderfully written. The romance would satisfied you fully – sweet but also with high level sensuality. We wouldn’t questioned their love and commitment to each other, though Wolf never said the words until the end of the book, but his action speak louder. Mary surely felt the insecurity, she thought their relationship would ended when danger stop. But as a reader I didn’t found a doubt that Wolf more than cared for her, but because his experience and personality the final words were hard to express. The moments when he said the words was so wonderful and it was a great scene.

The characters were loveable. Mary was the perfect hero for Wolf who was the perfect hero. Joe very much felt larger than life, sometimes it felt not very believable that teenager would act like him. But when we read his own book, we could understand his personality better. I also found the sheriff, Clay Amstrong, as an interesting character. In the beginning he treated Wolf with open disliked. But he was a fair person and in the end they seems friendly enough. I very much hope little competition come from Clay, added the spice of Mary and Wolf relationship, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case. The towns people feeling towards life in general and Wolf specifically described amazingly. Basically their were good people, but their own insecurity and guilt also fear cloud their judgement.

The suspense and action not overly cover the story, but it was quite good. The villain wasn’t really a mystery, there’s little clue here and there. And his ending very satisfying, I ended felt not strongly hate as before.

Overall this was a very wonderful book, and kept you wishing to read for the next books.


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