Rambling Thoughts

Its been few years since I write for this blog. Hiatus I might called. But rest assured not for my reading habit. I read. A lot. Just not in the mood to write some review (gee, such a mood).

Let’s open up this year post with some rambling thoughts.

Why I Love Romance Genre?

  1. After I read awesome book with superb HEA, it definitely could put a smile in my face for all day long. As I am now smiling like lunatic just because I spent almost all night long-till dawn read my fave author latest work, despite lack of sleep.
  2. It left me felt warmth, content, happy, squishy, gooey (not a good description I think), and tingly.
  3. Well, morning just seems a little brighter the day after.
  4. Life sometimes or more often sucks, so I need big dose of magics.


How about you? Why?


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