The Most of 2012

Hello Romenceland-ers!!

For the end of year 2012 I will share all things the most.

Let’s the fun begin!

The Most Favorite Book :

Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)

This book definitely my favorite and also the second most frequently read (4 times!!!). There’s few competitor for the title, but this amazing story win the vote because there was not a single thing I didn’t like, none whatsoever that made me thought that this book was not perfect. Yes this book wasn’t flawless but it made the whole aspect of this book much more satisfying for me. Click here for my review.

The Most Frequently Read :

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)

This one almost made itself for become my favorite read, but I choose this one as my frequently read (4.5 times – why I used half measurement, coz there’s a time when I re-read it just for refreshing my favorite moments, basically just scan it). I love the couple, but the hero, Tack, win me over completely. Click here for my review.

The Most Favorite Author :

Without no further ado, this amazing author absolutely and utterly are my favorite author for this year.


Kristen Ashley

The Most Favorite Hero :



(The Picture is image of Acheron taken from Sherrilyn Kenyon official website

Yes. For you who claimed as paranormal romance genre lovers, the infamous Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and her focal character Acheron surely wasn’t a novel thought.  Ash. Akri. T-Rex. Achimou. My everlasting favorite hero. Sure, his position as my fave hero always had and always will be shaken by another contender, another alpha male hero, another gorgeous guy. But, he will always held the top five of my favorite hero.  Click here for my review.

The Most Favorite Heroine :


The heroine from Guild Hunter series (Angels’ Blood, Archangel Kiss, Archangel Consort) by Nalini Singh crawl up as my favorite heroine in few days time. Yes, I just recently started the series week ago and finished it today and Elena – the new immortal angel – somehow caught my attention so strongly. I love how she was trying compromised between her relationship with the hero, Raphael, without losing herself as independent warrior woman.

The Most Surprising Books :

The Siren (The Original Sin...The Angel (The Original Sin...The Prince (The Original Si...Seven Day Loan (The Origina...


This series categorized as erotica genre with BDSM theme surprisingly didn’t revolt me. In fact the series amazingly got me hooked up, crave for more of the characters and for the happily ever after which was quite impossibly  happen.  I wasn’t a fan of erotica, but enjoyed  erotic romance (note the different  please) and I was absolutely didn’t loved BDSM theme but ended like it like A LOT. Weird. But, this books surprisingly well written, so that was enough  explanation. Click my review of the series in here, here, and here.

Breeds Series By Lora Leigh

Have you heard Lora Leigh? Then you must’ve known The Breed series. One of  the most longest series in paranormal world (or I should categorized it as erotica paranormal romance).  I accidentally read the first book – got the e-book from friend without any idea who Lora Leigh was.  Honestly I wasn’t really enjoyed the book then, it was my early encounter with erotica romance, so the explicit words and sensuality kind of freaking me of. But I captivated with some of the characters and the plot line. I picked the third book and the 16th book as soon as I finished  – those were the books where the intriguing characters  story written.  Months later, after I finally enjoyed myself in erotica romance world I picked up the series  again. And I tumble myself all over the books (21 books) in 3 weeks. Funny things is the series are not overly great, averagely I only gave 3 stars, but the storyline in the whole totally piqued my interest.

The story is about the breeds, genetically alter creation of animal and human, whose after years treated as violently research object finally made a massive escape and got themselves into hiding. The first book started when the leader from one of the breed type, feline breed (genetically mixed between cat and human) met his “mate” . His mate and her family helped him and his family to reveal the ruthless  of their creator to the public after year of secrecy.  Thorough the books we follow the breeds journey as they fighting their freedom, their right, and their survival as the mystery of their ability and the mating heat which is the focal point of the series. The story itself in each books basically the same.  A breed met with theirs mate. Falling in love/lust. Struggling themself in “mating heat”.  Sex scene all over.

The interesting part of the series is the continuation from the first book to the last installment. To really enjoyed and involve with the whole package reader should read the books from the first book until the last in the right order. Definitely not a stand alone books. If you read Dark Hunter series by Sherrylin Kenyon, then you knew what I’m talking about. Also, like Dark Hunter with it’s Acheron, than The Breed series also have it’s focal character, Jonas. There’s always mystery left behind in the end of the books, and the part of it is Jonas, who is showed almost most of the books.

You’re a fan of paranormal world? Erotica romance? Suspense and mystery also thriller? Gorgeous to die for hero ? Hot and steamy scene?  Pick the first book and enjoy the ride.

Here’s the list :

  1. Tempting the Beast
  2. The Man Within
  3. Elizabeth’s Wolf
  4. Kiss of Heat
  5. Soul Deep
  6. The Breed Next Door
  7. Megan’s Mark
  8. Harmony’s Way
  9. Tanner’s Scheme
  10. Wolf’s Hope
  11. Jacob’s Faith
  12. Aiden’s Charity
  13. In a Wolf’s Embrace
  14. Dawn’s Awakening
  15. A Jaguar’s Kiss
  16. Mercury’s War
  17. Christmas Heat
  18. Coyote’s Mate
  19. Bengal’s Heart
  20. A Christmas Kiss
  21. Lion’s Heat
  22. Styx’s Storm
  23. Primal Kiss
  24. Navarro’s Promise
  25. An Inconvenient Mate
  26. Lawe’s Justice
  27. Stygian’s Honor

Tempting the Beast (Breeds,...The Man Within (Breeds, #2;...Elizabeth's Wolf (Breeds, #3)Kiss of Heat (Breeds, #4; F...Soul Deep (Breeds, #5)Hot Spell (Includes: Demon ...The Breed Next Door (Breeds...Megan's Mark (Breeds, #7)Harmony's Way (Breeds, #8) Tanner's Scheme (Breeds, #9) Primal Heat (Includes: Bree... Wolfe's Hope (Breeds,  #10) Jacob's Faith (Breeds, #11) Aiden's Charity (Breeds, #12) Beyond the Dark (Includes: ... Dawn's Awakening (Breeds, #14) Shifter (Includes: Warriors... Mercury's War (Breeds, #16) The Magical Christmas Cat (... Coyote's Mate (Breeds, #18) Hot for the Holidays (inclu... Bengal's Heart (Breeds, #20) Lion's Heat (Breeds, #21) Styx's Storm (Breeds, #22) Primal (Includes: Breeds, #... Navarro's Promise (Breeds, ... Tied with a Bow (Includes: ... Lawe's Justice (Breeds, #26) Stygian's Honor (Breeds, #27)

Waiting On Wednesday #1

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This is the first time I participating in the event and here the book I was so eagerly waiting :

Last Kiss Goodnight (Otherworld Assassin #1)

 By : Gena Showalter

Expected publication : December 26th 2012

Last Kiss Goodnight (Otherworld Assassin, #1)

Book Description from Goodreads :

The breathtaking first novel in New York Times best selling author Gena Showalter’s new paranormal romance series, Otherworld Assassins, featuring a black ops agent who is captured and enslaved…and the beautiful deaf girl who holds the key to his salvation…


Black ops agent Solomon Judah awakens caged and bound in a twisted zoo where otherworlders are the main attraction. Vika Lukas, the owner’s daughter, is tasked with Solo’s care and feeding. The monster inside him yearns to kill her on sight, even though she holds the key to his escape. But the human side of him realizes the beautiful deaf girl is more than she seems—she’s his.


Vika endures the captives’ taunts and loathing, hoping to keep them alive even if she can’t free them. Only, Solo is different—he protects her. But as hostility turns to forbidden romance, his feelings for her will be used against him…and he’ll be put to a killer test.

What’s your Waiting on Wednesday book this week?

You’re Still The One : Lee & Indy’s Song

Hola fellas!

Few days ago I’d  re-read one of my favorite books : Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley (yup, I re-read  7 books in a week).  The focal character thorough the entire series were Liam Nightingale (Lee) and India Savage (Indy).  They were the main hero and heroine in the first book, Rock Chick.Their love story started since their were a child, Indy have loved Lee since he held her hand at her mother’s memorial service when she were five years old.  And 25 years later (geez seriously it was a veryyyyy loooonnggg time to hooked with your first love), finally they get together, and year later the get married.

In Lee and Indy’s wedding day one of her posse singing You’re Still The One by Shania Twain to them.  This song described aptly they journey to find their happily ever after. That scene was so beautiful, Indy sung the lyrics to Lee while he held her tight. It was full with happy tears and smile. Once I finished read it, I looking for the song and re-read that particular scene again. And I cried. That’s proof of how skillfully Kristen Ashley written such beautiful and poignant story, with wonderful characters, where the reader emotional attach with them.

Nb : You could check the book review in my previous post here

Looks like we made it
Look how far we’ve come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we’d get there someday

They said “I bet they’ll never make it”
But just look at us holding on
We’re still together still going strong

(You’re still the one)
You’re still the one I run to
The on that I belong to
You’re still the one I want for life
(You’re still the one)
You’re still the one I love
The only one I dream of
You’re still the one I kiss good night

Ain’t nothin’ better
We beat the odds together
I’m glad we didn’t listen
Look at what we would be missin’
They said “I bet they’ll never make it”
But just look at us holdin’ on
We’re still together still goin’ strong

I’m so glad we made it
Look how far we’ve come my baby